Meeting plans:
1st meeting in Kalmetu school, Estonia – (report)
2nd meeting in Fulgatore, Sicily, Italy – (report)
3rd meeting in Bakel, Holland – (report)
4th meeting in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain – (report)
5th meeting in Katowice, Poland – (report)
6th meeting in Hukvaldy, Czech Republic – (report)
7th meeting in Chios, Greece (new!)

Sep Each school prepares an introducing video
Sep-Oct A logo competition is held in every
school and 2 best logos chosen
Poland starts the fairy tale
Each school prepares the diaries and
dolls to travel to other countries
Nov 1st meeting in Kalmetu school, Estonia

  • “Kalmetu school 140“ – traditions, history
  • Becoming aquainted
  • Logo competition – our project logo is chosen
  • Presenting the films about schools
  • Planning future activities
  • Exchanging diaries and dolls
  • Poland has started a fairy tale which
    will be passed on to Greece to continue
  • Comenius – forum
  • About Estonian education and culture
  • Sightseeing
Nov-dec Making / sending Christmas cards


Jan Each school choses a legend, prepares a
Feb 2nd meeting in Fulgatore, Sicily, Italy

  • Presenting legends
  • Exchanging letters, diaries, dolls
  • Fairy tale goes to Estonia
  • About future activities
  • Italian education and culture
  • Sightseeing
March National anthems and songs
A Cd is prepared with 3 songs accompanied
with lyrics and notes by each school
Every school prepares 10-15 questions
about their country and culture and sends them to Estonia
Every school prepares to introduce itself
next meeting in Holland (games, dances, PPT presentations, food …..)
Easter cards
April 3rd meeting in Bakel, Holland

  • Presenting songs
  • European night for pupils, parents and guests
  • Exchanging letters, diaries, Cd-s with
    music – Czech school will prepare the common CD and songbook
  • Fairy tale goes to Spain
  • Dutch education and culture
  • Sightseeing
  • Evaluation of the 1st year
May Exhibition at schools
Ending the first project year – comenius
National dances and games are chosen to
introduce on DVD
Sep Cooking
Typical food – PPT presentations
A survey about favourite food – diagrams
Nov, 7-12 4th meeting in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

  • Presenting food surveys, typical foods,
  • national dances and games, common songbook with CD (made by Czechs) and Jeopardy
  • game (made by Estonians)
  • Exchanging the outcome and diaries, letters
  • Fairy tale goes to Czech school
  • Planning the future activities (Christmas
  • traditions)
  • Spanish education, Canaries culture
  • sightseeing
Christmas cards
Dec Preparing Christmas traditions
Comenius webpage


Jan, 16-21 5th meeting in Katowice, Poland

  • Presentation of christmas traditions,
    recipies and dances on mutual CD (Holland)
  • Recipe book (Spain)
  • Fairy tale goes to ………
  • Introducing our webpage (Estonia)
  • Exchanging diaries, letters
  • About next activities
  • Polish education and culture
  • Sightseeing
Feb Cooking national food from partners
March Easter cards
6th meeting in Hukvaldy, Czech Republic

  • Exchanging diaries and letters
  • Education and culture
  • Sightseeing
Apr Traditional holidays
May Final product
June 7th (last) meeting in Chios, Greece

  • Summary
  • Evaluation
  • Sightseeing
  • Greece education and culture

Comenius meeting in Estonia (2-7 November 2010)

Tuesday 2nd November
Czech and Polish pupils – meeting hosts

Wednesday 3rd November
7.50     pick up at the hotel
8.20     arriving at school
8.40     welcome, introducing
9.00    tour around school, visiting classes, coffee, making friends
11.30     I comenius meeting
12.45    school lunch
13.15     meeting continues
14.30     bus to town
15.00    sightseeing in Viljandi (museum, water tower, castle ruins..)
free time for shopping, sleeping, refreshing ….
20.00     dinner

Thursday 4th November
9.45     pick up at the hotel
10.20     presenting comenius videos I
12.10    school lunch
12.30    birthday concert for pupils and guests,
13.30    coffee
14.00    II comenius meeting ( + computer lesson, forum, website etc)
coffee, walking near the school
17.00  birthday party at village hall for guests, teachers and other employees with Estonian food and games, songs and dances

Friday 5th November
9.15    bus – visiting local government and kindergarten
11.00     leaving for Soomaa (bogland) National Park
hiking, picnic
17.00    back in Viljandi
20.00    dinner

Saturday 6th November
time for shopping, (open market!)
13.00    concert and service at church in Viljandi
14.30     bus to Jõeoru pub, lunch in our village
15.30-16.30 you can watch football at school stadium
17.00    concert and party at school for guests and alumna
20.00     banquet for invited guests
00.00    bus to the hotel

Sunday 7th November

Comenius meeting in Italy (8 – 12 February 2011)

Monday 7th February
Arriving delegations
Private bus from Palermo airport to Trapani for Czeck rep-Greece-Estonia
Czeck and Spanish pupils meet hosts
hotell Alla Marina Viale Regina Elena 4 (tel 092321153)

Tuesday 8th February
10.00 Visiting museum “Pepoli”in Trapani
20.00 Appointment at the hotel
20.30 Dinner at restaurant

Wednesday 9th February
8.30 Pick up at the hotel
8.50 Arriving at school
9.00 Welcome to delegations
9.15 Visiting classes , meeting with students and teachers in Fulgatore
10.00 Visiting of a typical carpet centre
11.00 Coffee and typical food
11.15 1st Comenius meeting
12.30 Visiting the archeological site of Segesta
15.00 Visiting the cellar wine .Tasting wine
16.30 Visiting the city of Salemi(Churches- Castle- museums)
18.00 Leaving to Trapani
20.00 Appointment at the hotel
20.30 Pizzeria

Thursday 10th February
8.30 Pick up at the hotel
8.50 Arriving at school
9.15 Visiting classes , meeting with students and teachers in Napola
10.00 2nd Comenius meeting at the central building
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Bus to Trapani
12.05 Leaving to Palermo
19.00 Back to Trapani
20.30 Appointment to the hotel
20.45 Dinner

Friday 11th February
9.15 Pick up to the hotel
10.00 Arrival to Erice
10.15 Visiting the city hall(the mayor meets the delegations)
11.00 Tour of Erice
13.00 Lunch in Trapani
Time for shopping
20.00 Party at school.

Saturday 12th February
Departure Greece and Netherlands

Sunday 13th February
Departure Estonia –Poland-Spain-Czeck rep

Comenius meeting in The Netherlands (27 – 30 April 2011)

* Arrival on april Tuesday 26th.
* Czech/Greece/Italy will arrive on april 27 th.
* Poland will arrive on 25th.

Wednesday 27th April
08.10 Departure from hotel to school
08.30 Arrival school Sightseeing school
11.00 Arrivals Greece and Italy on school
11.30 -12.30 Visit to classes presentation of your country. (you can use digital schoolboards)
12.30 Children to families
13.00 Lunch on school
13.30 Walk in the village and visit to windmill (teachers)
16.00 Back to hotel (teachers)
19.00 Dinner in Deurne (27 + 4 teachers)

Thursday 28th April
08.10 Departure from hotel to school
08.30 – 09.30 Explanation schoolplan and educational system
10.30 – 12.00 Presentation of songs and Preparation of Open House in classes.
12.00 Children to families
12.00 Lunch with schoolteam
13.00 – 15.30 Meeting Comenius coordinators.
16.45 – 17.00 Welcome serenade Schoolorchestra
17.00 – 19.00 Open House (with your assistance in the classes)
19.10 Presentation of the Guild
19.30 Children to families
19.30 – 22.00 Buffet and meeting with schoolteam. (teachers)
22.00 Back to hotel

Friday 29th April
08.10 Departure from hotel to school
08.30 – 10.00 Meeting for coordinators / visit classes
10.00 Departure for Cultural visit Amsterdam (teachers and children) Please wear good walking shoes!
– Visit to the Vincent van Gogh Museum
– Walk through the old Jewish part of Amsterdam (here lived Anne Frank)
– Walk on the Dam.
– Boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam

19.30 Children to families
19.30 Dinner in Deurne (27 + 4 teachers)
21.00 Back to hotel and/or visit Royal Music Night Deurne

Saturday 30th April (Children visit Queensday activities with families)
10.00 Departure from hotel for Biking Tour. (teachers) Please wear waterproof boots!
12.00 Queensday Farmers Golf (teachers)
15.00 Visit to Queensdaymarket, music, shopping in Deurne (teachers)
19.00 Goodbye Dinner in Plein 5 (27 + 4 teachers)

Sunday 1th May
Monday 2th May

Comenius meeting in Tenefrife, Spain (7 – 12 November 2011)

Monday 7th November
Arrival of partners

Tuesday 8th November
8:30 h. Pick up time at hotel
9:00 h. Reception and welcome at school
10:30 h. Coffee break
11:00 h. Working time: Comenius
13:30 h. Lunch at school
15:00 h. Pick up at school. Visit to La Laguna.
17:00 h. Tram to Santa Cruz:
– Visit to TEA museum
– Touristic bus around Santa Cruz
20:00 h. Dinner at Restaurant “Serrano 81”

Wednesday 9th November
8:30 h. Pick up time at hotel. Transport by bus to Teide National Park
12:00 h. Lunch (Picnic provided by the school)
14:00 h. Bus to Los Cristianos (South of the island)
15:00 h. Free time (swim, bathsun or shopping are suggested)
19:00 h. Dinner at Restaurant “A bordo”
20:30 h. Pick up time. Back to hotel.

Thursday 10th November
8:30 h. Pick up time at hotel
8:45 h. Working time at school. Preparing next meeting in Poland
10:00 h. Coffee break
10:30 h. Bus to Cruz del Carmen for hiking activity to Chinamada.
Visitors Centre for those not walking but going by bus
13:00 h. Canarian Lunch at Restaurant “La Cueva”
15:00 h. Pick up time. Back to hotel
– Free time
20: 00 h. Pick up time at hotel. Dinner at Restaurant “Anocheza”

Friday 11th November
8:30 h. Pick up time at hotel and visit to Local Government (Cabildo).
Meeting with Culture and Education Councillor.
10: 00 h. Bus pick up time. Visit to La Guancha High School.
13: 00 h. Lunch at Restaurant “Casa Teo”
14:30 h. Tour to Northern municipalities of Icod, La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz
18:00 h Bus to the hotel
20: 00 h Departure Dinner at Hotel Taburiente

Saturday 12th November
Departure of partners

Comenius meeting in Poland (16 – 21 january 2012)

Monday 16th January

Tuesday 17th January
8.30 meeting in the hotel in Katowice
9.00 – 13.00 Presentation of the school/ Principal and vice Principal
13.30 Lunch at school
14.00-16.30 Visiting Katowice
– Free time –
18.00 dinner

Wednesday 18th January
The whole day trip to Cracow, the old capital of Poland (visiting the centre of Cracow – castle Wawel, cathedral, Mariacki church and the market square) and Salt Mine of Wieliczka. Outdoor clothes and good shoes!
Departure time ~7.30
Arrival time ~22.00

Thursday 19th January
8.00-13.00 trip to Auschwitz Museum
13.30 Lunch at school
14.00-15.30 Meeting in the school, workshop
19.00 dinner

Friday 20th January
8.00-14.00 Trip to the silver mine in Tarnowskie Góry
14.00-19.00 Free time
19.00 farewell dinner

Saturday 21th January

Comenius meeting in Czech Republic (6 – 9 march 2012)

Monday 5th March
Arrival of partners

Tuesday 6th March
7:00 – Breakfast
8:30 – Walk from hotel to school
9:00 – Reception and welcoming our guest at school
9:30 – Show prepared by our students
10.30 – Coffee break
11:00 – Visit of the school
12:10 – Lunch at school (paid by the school)
13:15 – Meeting with students in classroom
14:00 – Coffee break
15:00 – Sightseeing of Hukvaldy Castle and game-park
19:00 – Dinner at Restaurant “U Námořníka” (600 CZK)

Wednesday 7th March
7:00 – Breakfast
8:00 – Pick up time at hotel. Transport by bus to Ostrava
9:00 – Visit of The nationwide largest Czech mining museum (300 CZK)
– Visit centre of Ostrava
12:30 – Observation tower in New Town Hall (50 CZK)
– Free time in shopping centre Futurum
17.30 – Back to the hotel
18.45 – Pick up time at hotel. Transport by bus to Kozlovice
19:00 – Dinner at Restaurant “Na Fojtství” (á la carte 150-300 CZK)
22:00 – Back to the hotel.

Thursday 8th March
7.00 – Breakfast
8:15 – Pick up time at hotel. Transport by bus to Kopřivnice
9:00 – Visit Tatra Technical Museum (110 CZK)
12:10 – Lunch at school (paid by the school)
13:00 – Visit of Open-air Museum of Rural Architecture in Rožnov (60 CZK)
16:30 – Cooridnators meeting in the hotel.
– Preparing next meeting in Greece
18.45 – Pick up time at hotel.
19.00 – Dinner at Restaurant “Pod hradem” with cimbalom band (470 CZK)

Friday 9th March
7:00 – Breakfast
8:00 – Pick up time at hotel. Transport by bus to Nošovice
9: 00 – Visit of Radegast Brewery (100 CZK)
12:10 – Lunch at school (paid by the school)
13.00 – Lesson about educational system in Czech Republic
14:00 – Visit of The Leoš Janáček Memorial
16:30 – Free time
19: 00 – Farewell dinner in Hukvaldy Hotel (650 CZK)

Saturday 10th March
Departure of partners

Comenius meeting in Greece (5 – 8 June 2012)

Monday 4th June
Dinner at the Harbor

Tuesday 5th June
08:15 Arrival at school. A small celebration about the World environmental day (6th class)
10:00 Break for coffee.
10:30 Visit Korais Library next to the school where our school participates in educational programs .
11:45 Partners visit classes.
13:40 Meeting with the Mayor of the municipality.
14:15 Lunch at school
15:30 Return to the hotel
17:30 Excursion to Campos area, visiting Argenti mansion and coffee at Citrus.
21:00 Dinner at Lagatha village.

Wednesday 6th June
08:30 Excursion to medieval villages, Pirgi, Mesta, a stop to see mastic trees, visit the archeological site of Emporios and swimming at the beach of Emporios which is called “Black pebbles”
12:00 Visit Olimpi Cave. Pick nick at “Saint Power” near the beach.
14:30 Excursion to Mesta village, coffee there and return to the hotel.
21:00 Dinner at “Katarrakti Village”

Thursday 7th June
8:15 Arrival at school
9:00 Final celebration of the school year from 1th class, a small treat from parents’ association.
11:00 Guided tour at the archeological museum of Chios
12:30 Transportation to Santa Ermioni by sailing boat and lunch there.
18:30 Visit Homerstone at Vrodathos area.
19.15 Presentation of the Greek educational system at Ios hall-cafe for 15 minutes. Coordinators meeting after that and café or swimming for the others.
21:00 Dinner at the same place (IOS).

Friday 8th June
08:30 Excursion to the medieval castle of Chios
09:30 Visit Nea Moni , Byzantine monastery and Anavatos and Avgonima villages.
12:30 Hiking from “Fa” area to Lithi (almost an hour) , swimming and lunch at Lithi beach .
16:30 Return to the hotel
21:00 Dinner with Greek music and dances.

Monday 9th June
Departure day

NB! Meals at approximately 20 Euros.